Soapworld Toiletbowl Cleaner is a powerful acidic urinal cleaner effective for use on ceramic and stainless steel surfaces. It is not recommended for use in septic tanks.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Flush toilet. Dilute Soapworld Toiletbowl Cleaner 1:20 with water and scrub with a toilet brush. Leave for a few minutes and rinse with water. If bowl or trough is badly stained, pour 20 ml Soapworld Toilet Bowl Cleaner undiluted into bowl and leave over night before scrubbing. For bad odours, use undiluted. Use Pine Gel or M-T-DET to clean surface. Repeat weekly.

CAUTION: Wear gloves and protective eye-wear when using this product. Keep out of reach of children. If contact with eyes/skin occur rinse immediately with water. Do not swallow. If contact occurs seek medical attention. Do not use this product with bleach or any other household detergent as it contains acid.