Soapworld Aluminium Cleaner cleans away most carbon deposits and leaves aluminium shiny and looking new.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Use Soapworld Aluminium Cleaner undiluted or diluted 1:2 with water. Spray directly on to surface using a spray bottle. Clean small areas at a time, leaving product for 10 – 30 seconds before wiping with a clean cloth (wet or dry). Repeat if necessary. For mag wheels, dilute 1: 2 and use a toothbrush for smaller areas.

INGREDIENT INFORMATION: Surfactants, Amm-Bifloride, proponal

CAUTION: Keep Soapworld Aluminium Cleaner out of reach of children. If contact with eyes/skin occur rinse immediately with water. If swallowed, drink milk and seek medical advice. Wear protective gloves during use and avoid prolonged skin contact.