Soapworld Car Wash & Wax is formulated to clean, shine and wax in one easy operation. The formula produces a rich foam that floats away dirt and leaves your vehicle with a brilliant protective shine.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Use Soapworld Car Wash & Wax on a cool car in a shaded area. Hose down vehicle to remove excess dirt and grime. Dilute 15ml : 10L water. To increase foam, increase water pressure. Wash & rinse a section at a time, starting at the top. Rinse vehicle and dry with a soft cloth. Never wash vehicle in direct sunlight.

INGREDIENT INFORMATION: Amongst others, surfactants, wax colourants and foaming agent.

CAUTION: Keep Soapwold Car Wash & Wax out of reach of children. If contact with eyes occur, rinse immediately with cold water. If irritation persist seek medical attention. Do not swallow.