Soapworld Truck Wash removes road grime, grease and oils from truck cabs and bodies.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Dilute Soapworld Truck Wash with water. For lightly soiled surfaces dilute 1:100. For heavily soiled surfaces dilute 1:40. Spray product onto vehicle in low pressure mode. Leave 5-10 before using the high pressure mode to remove soil. Use a cloth or broom to rub heavily soiled areas. Rinse completely with water.

INGREDIENT INFORMATION: Surfactants, Corrosion inhibitor, preservative, colour.

CAUTION: Soapworld Truck Wash is a alkaline based product and harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye and skin contact. Skin: may cause irritation, rinse with water and apply moisturising skin lotion. Eye: flush with clean running water and seek medical advice.